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Welcome to the documentation1 for sopale_nested

sopale_nested evolved from sopale during 2007 and 2008. This User Guide reflects the state(s) of sopale_nested from 2008 to 2013. Those who have been using earlier versions of sopale_nested will find new material in the switch list and endian issues.

Here is the background of sopale_nested, including how it is related to SOPALE.

Input File

A description of the input file which sopale_nested reads.

Output Files

A description of the output files which sopale_nested reads.

sopale_nested allows selective refinement (called nests) of the Eulerian grid. Below we see, clockwise from the upper right corner, the main Eulerian grid, and three nests.

The "Zoom" is a blowup of the main Eulerian grid in the area of the third nest. A comparison of this "Zoom" with the third nest shows the refinement achieved by the nesting feature.

(Click to enlarge)

A recent (January 2012) enhancement allows more than one nest (maximum 99), and removes the restriction that nests must extend from the surface down to the remesh line. Nests can now be anywhere.

Branches, builds and compiler options

A description of sopale_nested's branches, builds and compiler options . The MPI implementation used on Linux is also discussed.

        Instructions translated from Swedish by Japanese for English
        speaking persons.

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