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Processing Sopale Output


bmnt_library is a collection of shell scripts and IDL programs designed for processing the output files of sopale.


scan_matlabfile reads sopale matlab output and produces text files:

  • coordinates and eulerian velocities (at the center of each column) of the surface.
  • height and depth of a given material.

Making Animated Gifs

  • Use sopale_plot to create a multi-page postscript file <file>.ps
  • Use "identify" to determine the size (width x height) of the image:
    identify <file>.ps
  • Use "gv" to decide how much white space to cut off the top; get height2.
    gv <file>.ps
  • Use "convert" to make the animated gif:
    convert -page <width>x<height2> <file>.ps -delay 200 -loop 0 -rotate -90 <file>.gif

IDL_M-S Scripts

The original system is IDL_M-S Scripts, written by Sergei Medvedev.
Usage: Take a copy of the IDL programs, and modify them to make your plot.

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