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Sopale Nested: Output Files

sopale_nested produces

  • diagnostic output: a running commentary of model happenings
  • copies of its input files
  • type 1 file model output
  • type 2 file model output
  • a log of when type 1 and type 2 model output files were written
  • matlab model output
  • PTt files, which include the pressure, temperature of selected lagrangian particles.
  • maxptoutput files, which contain the maximum pressure and temperature events for selected lagrangian particles.
  • boundary force record, used for restarts when type_bc = 301.
  • initialization files: type 1,2 files with a frame number of '98', written at the end of model initialization, before time-stepping starts.
  • restart files type 1,2 files with a frame number of '00', for restarting a model
  • trouble files: type 1,2 files with a frame number of '99', for debugging a model that takes an excessive number of iterations to converge. Controlled here.
  • post merge_from_SS files: type 1,2 files with a frame number of '97' written by LS after it receives the data transplant from SS. Controlled here.
  • wrapper script files
  • nest offsets file. Obsolete. No longer used or produced.
  • arc_pnn_fmm_o files, containing thermal arc data. for restarts.
  • ale_pnn_fmm_o_k files, containing the surface, erosion, and advection for each ALE cycle (k). Only when surface strings are turned on.
  • erosion_pnn_tsttttt.dat files, containing the surface, erosion and advection data at eulerian grid resolution.
  • str_pnn_fmm_o files, containing the surface string, sediment base string, and eulerian grid top. Only when surface strings are turned on.
  • Other files, whose names have escaped me at present.

Common File Name Prefix

The output filenames have a common prefix: nameout1. The result is that all the input and output files of a Sopale Nested model run have a common prefix. The script "bin/putAway" can be used to put them all in a sub-directory.

Diagnostic Output

As it runs, sopale_nested records what it does in nameout1n.out (where n is 0 for LS, and 1 for SS. The amount of commentary can be affected by

Copies of Input Files as Output Files

The run scripts provided with Sopale Nested make copies of all the input files. The names of these copies have nameout1 prefixed to their original names.

Log files

sopale_nested records, in the log file, the frame number and time step when it writes type 1 and type 2 files. The name of the log file is nameout1log_pnn_o, where nn is 00 for LS, and 01 for SS.

Restart Files

Every wres timesteps, sopale_nested writes restart files. These are type 1 and type 2 files, whose frame number is '00'.

Wrapper Script Files

The wrapper script that runs sopale_nested records its parameters, start and end time, in nameout1.out . Errors are in nameout1.err .

Endian issues in the type 1 and 2 files

(This was an issue in 2008, but is no longer. The problems have been solved.)

Sopale Nested versions in 2008 on sopalepc and s5-cal create little-endian output files, which is the default on those computers. Output from these versions can be processed, on little-endian computers, by the same software that processes big-endian files on big-endian computers.

Future versions (after 2009-01-01) will create big-endian output files, which will make them compatible (except for the four integer*4 counts in record 10 of the type 2 output file) with those created on the p690. When processing these files on little endian computers such as sopalepc and s5-cal, adjustments to the processing programs will be required.

Extracting injected lagrangian particles from the type2 output file will require special attention. The four integer*4 counts in record 10 of the type 2 output file are packed into two real*8 variables, and the values will be either as intended, or reversed 2 by 2, depending on the source and processing computer.


Sopale Nested used to produce one additional file called nameout1nest_offsets_o . This file contained the x and y offsets from the LS origin to the SS origin. This file was produced (i.e. written) by non-restart runs, and read by restart runs.

As of version 2009-07-26_22.9, the offset file is no longer produced or used.

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