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Research Interests

Interests of the Dalhousie Geodynamics Group include: Submitted publications: Publications (incomplete list): Current Research Directions:

Group Members

Group picture, October 2005
Back row, left to right: Mai Nguyen, Claire Currie, Steve Ings, Chris Beaumont (fearless leader), Ritske Huismans, Ankit Bajaj, Philippe Fullsack, Christina Morency
Front row, left to right: Bonny Lee, Markus Albertz, Becky Jamieson, Clare Warren, Sofie Gradmann, Karen Simon
Various ruffians commemorating the retirement of the p690
Left to Right: Chris Beaumont, Janice Allen, Douglas Guptill [front], Pat Power [back] (Director, ITS Networks and Systems), Rajesh Goteti, Aidan Evans (ITS system administrator, p690), Bonny Lee (research assistant emeritus), Jared Butler [back], Ian Blair (ITS sysadmin p690)
Angels, from left to right, are Claire Currie, Sofie Gradmann, Clare Warren
Wine and Cheese chez Beaumont, in honour of the visiting Jean Braun. Holly looking radiant. Fall 2010.
Jared, all smiles, having just heard he won the GAC Best Ph. D. Thesis contest

Associated Members


The gFlex** paper is here
** Wickert, A. D.: [Open-source modular solutions for flexural isostasy:
   gFlex v1.0]
   Geosci. Model Dev. Discuss., 8, 4245-4292,
   doi:10.5194/gmdd-8-4245-2015, 2015.



Sopale Nested

Processing SOPALE Output



TMM (Thermo-mechanical Model)

old SOPALE documentation


The modeling software of the Geodynamics Group runs on several computers. Daily, weekly and monthly graphs of the status of our servers are available.


Our modeling software is available via Trac servers to authorized users.

sopale_nested douar
documentation trac documentation trac

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